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We are Waterstarters.

We are WaterStarters

A social enterprise powered by MegaGroup and Amref Health Africa. We are catalyzing the entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyan communities. This way, they become part of the solution to reduce water scarcity within their own country.

Here’s what makes our franchise model unique:

  • We give water managers and entrepreneurs (franchisees) the opportunity to become the owner and manager of a successful water company. We can provide access to finance for their initial investment, on one condition: That the franchisee invests at least 15% of the initial investment before we kickstart the project. This increases ownership and responsibility.
  • We renovate existing or build new water systems together with the community to ensure we meet their needs.
  • The water supply is combined with education on good hygiene, provided by local health care providers.
  • With our technology we guarantee access to clean water throughout the year, with a maximum downtime of 72 hours, compared to the average 27 days.
  • We combine the expertise of local companies, a privatepartner (MegaGroup) and an international NGO (Amref Flying Doctors) to reach our goal.
  • We work with: groundwater scans, contracts with suppliers, solar energy, prepaid water metres and a monitoring dashboard.
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Break the Cycle

We are moving from aid to trade by encouraging communities that possess the ability to co-invest and pay-back.