Building a sustainable future with

clean water

Over 50% of Kenya’s population lack access to clean water. We are on a mission to change that.

There is plenty of fresh water in the world, but many people in rural Kenya don’t have access to it or need to travel long distances to get it, robbing them of the opportunities to grow and thrive.

Women and girls are forced to walk of 10km every day to get water. A sustainable and clean water source saves time due to less illness and closer access to water facilities. This translates into higher productivity and higher school attendance, especially for girls, implying enormous long-term benefits for Kenya’s economic development.

Our mission is to franchise water solutions that provide clean water in rural communities – the single most powerful resource to create lasting wellbeing and spark economic growth


Build and/or refurbish commercially viable boreholes using solar energy and prepaid metering systems in rural and peri-urban communities in Kenya, providing water for domestic use, livestock and wildlife


Train local health workers in conducting promotional activities in their respective communities, ensuring better hygiene practices and an increased demand for clean drinking water. The mLearning curriculum has been approved by the Kenyan Ministry of Health.


Become a WaterStarter and help improve lives through access to clean, safe water.