WaterStarters strives for absolute transparency. Because we understand better than anyone that everyone involved has the right to know how our organizational structure works, what our objectives are and what happens with the proceeds from fundraising campaigns or donations.

Mission & Vision

The mission and vision of Stichting WaterStarters NL is a "Better health in Kenya by setting up a renewed method for sustainable water solutions in combination with health and education for the rural ‘off-grid’ and semi-urban communities.

By using the word sustainable we mean solutions that take into account the socio-cultural aspects of the people, the environmental aspects of the planet and the economic requirements for a company, in short: the 3P solution: People, Planet, Profit.


Specific goals

Beleidsplan/Policy plan

Multi-year plan

Borehole numbers
Number of people to reach: 1,500,000
People to be reached in relation to the population of the selected provinces: 10%
Number of selected provinces: 10
Number of boreholes (new or replacement) for the coming years:
Operational water supply targets2020/2021202220232024202520262027
# of refurbished boreholes21112244896192
Cumulative # of refurbished boreholes213254997193383
# of new boreholes156132550100
Cumulative # of new boreholes16122550100200
Lifetime guarantee> 10 years

Public Benefit Organization

Stichting WaterStarters is registered in The Netherlands in the form of a Public Benefit Organisation (PBO). To be qualified as a PBO, WaterStarters needs to publish a number of details on its website. We have bundled this information together for you.


Stichting WaterStarters NL

Doornhoek 4205

5465 TG Veghel


Phone: 0413-747300


Bank account number

RSIN (Rechtspersonen in Samenwerkingsverbranden Informatie Nummer): 860033715

Renumeration policy

The organizations purposes, values and achievements, as well as its income and activities will influence how its renumeration policy is developed and put into practice. Board members are entitled to reimbursement of the costs incurred by them in the performance of their duties.

Statuten/Deed of incorporation

Board member


Mr. J.P.P.M. Ernes


Main Position

Founder/Counselor Wicked Water, a Dutch company in business development for social entrepreneurs in Africa/Asia

Ancillary Positions

Member Max Foundation; Board Member Stichting ONE WORLD Citizens;
Member of Advisory Counsel Netherlands International Cooperation Collection


Mrs. I.J.A. de Jong


Main Position

CEO Better Future, a Dutch company supporting companies to turn business into a force for good

Ancillary Positions

Chairman Stichting Heilige Boontjes, a foundation making reintegration programs available for everyone who deserves a second change.


Mr. P. Buhrs


Main Position

Director of Finance & IT, a Dutch holding of European whole sale companies in water technics.


Danny Dubbeldeman

Main Position

Manager Amref Ventures NL

Ancillary Positions