Powering collaboration

We operate as a social enterprise (a business that uses the fundamentals of commerce to have a positive impact on the local economy), catalysing the entrepreneurial spirit of Kenyan communities.


We present a flexible finance model for every borehole system, made up of donations, private investments and bank loans. Our approach seeks to increase a sense of ownership and responsibility by encouraging communities to co-invest.


We refurbish old boreholes and connect communities to new, closely located water sources. Our boreholes operate as CO2 neutral. They are equipped with enough solar panels to keep the borehole pumping even on a cloudy day, saving communities from using diesel. By cutting out the use of diesel we help look after the planet and locals save money.


Online pre-paid water metering is a key part of the installation. By charging for water usage, investments and loans are paid back over time. All costs are covered by the generated revenue. The remaining profits are shared between a maintenance fund and the community to increase well-being and invest in additional local projects.
Online metering also allows for remote monitoring by all investors ensuring transparency when it comes to charges and collection efficiencies, and improves performance and financial predictions.

Become a WaterStarter and help improve lives through access to clean, safe water.