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    The most efficient and effective way to make an impact is to make a general donation to WaterStarters. Your financial gift will be leveraged for the most urgent needs.

    Gifts are deductible under applicable laws.

    You can raise money to change lives with safe water! Thank you for considering using your passions, talents, and connections to do so. To set up an online fundraiser, click here, choose “Start a fundraiser” and invite your friends and family to donate. 

    Here are some fundraising ideas: 

    • Donate a special day like your birthday or wedding by asking for donations instead of gifts.
    • Plan a run or walk, raising awareness of women and children in the developing world who walk each day to collect water.
    • Take an athletic approach and turn your sweat into safe water. Ask friends and family to support you as you gear up for your run, bike, swim or other athletic event.
    • Host a movie or trivia night. Donate the proceeds from ticket sales and concessions.
    • Get in the kitchen and plan a bake sale or lemonade or hot cocoa stand.

    Thank you for your interest in changing lives with safe water through your business. Please contact us through

    Yes, send a request to and we will provide you one.

    We take adequate steps to ensure the drilling of a quality borehole and back this up with a maintenance program. Should a borehole break down, we take adequate measures to ensure the downtime for fresh water is as a minor as possible.

    AMREF is a world known organization with well documented community statistics. We don’t host projects that we don’t believe will fulfil your investment.

    This differs on how you want to Get involved. The income you receive is determined by the average revenue across a set of boreholes. Contact Us for more information.


    Become a WaterStarter and help improve lives through access to clean, safe water.