We are WaterStarters

Who Are We

WaterStarters is a foundation registered in the Netherlands working to bring clean and safe drinking water to people in developing countries.

The WaterStarters foundation is committed to ensuring that all of the money that it raises through investors, crowdfunding, loyalty programs or any other viable method is used for water projects and further social developments within the community. The funds generated are transferred in full to the Social Enterprise registered in Kenya.

Proudly Partnering with Us

Kenya County Governments

Support by creating an enabling environment: policies, guidelines, regulations. Participation from the government can also be in the form of funding and subsidising.

Amref Health Africa

Amref Health Africa is the largest Africa-based international health development organisation currently running programmes in over 35 countries in Africa with lessons learnt over 60 years of engagement with governments, communities and partners to increase sustainable health access in Africa. Their vision is “Lasting health change in Africa”.


MegaGroup is a registered wholesaler of technical water products. Today we combine our years of know-how and experience to grow in ways that are good for people, the planet and our business. We believe we have the responsibility to “Bring water to Life” and meaningfully contribute to the clean water and sanitation sustainability goal 6 developed by the United Nations.

Maji Milele

Maji Milele Ltd. is a subsidiary company of Water Forever. Maji Milele is based in Nairobi, and aims to provide services all over Kenya. Like its Dutch mother organization (‘Water Forever International’), Maji Milele is a for-profit social enterprise. The mission is safe water for all Kenyan people and not only for a few years, but ‘forever’, meaning ‘Maji Milele’. Notably, ‘Water Forever International’ is the Dutch Holding Company that is a majority shareholder in Maji Milele Limited, and Water Forever Uganda Ltd, based in Kampala.  ‘Water Forever International’ is  committed to help its subsidiary companies to become successful in achieving the mission to make water supply systems in East Africa more sustainable via high quality prepaid water metering solutions.

Become a WaterStarter and help improve lives through access to clean, safe water.